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The majority of interfacings are fusible (iron on) and are used to bond fabrics together. However, some projects require sew-in, or non-fusible, interfacing. Sewn-in interfacing is often used for napped, pleated and textured fabrics which may become damaged by heat from an iron and for which fusible interfacing is unsuitable. If you are using special fabrics, such as highly textured, open weave lace/mesh, metallic, seersucker, sequinned, velvet, fur, beaded, or vinyl, the best option is a sew-in interlining. Interfacing is easy to use and provides shape, stability and structure to garments, coats, jackets and bags, and enhances durability. Interfacing is used in buttonhole areas to keep them from stretching and distorting, in collars and cuffs to add crispness, and in handmade bags/facings to give stability. In dressmaking, it allows the garment to retain the shape that is built in during the construction process. Our sewn-in interfacing is available in three different weights: light, medium and heavy weight. We stock interfacing in black, white and charcoal grey. Discover our range of fusible/iron on interfacings by clicking this link. If you need guidance for using this essential product, we have some useful information on interfacing in the Hints and Tips page of our website

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