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Need to replenish your sewing box with new tools? A well stocked sewing box is essential, whether you are working by hand or using a machine for your project. Find new dressmakers scissors, tailors shears, sewing thread, needle, pins, narrow fabrics, and much more at great prices. Whether you are starting out creating from home or a professional dressmaker, you can save money by shopping here for your haberdashery essentials. Our sewing notions, craft products and habby supplies are premium quality and competitively priced. We offer a prompt delivery service, our stock lines are frequently updated and we firmly believe in sourcing British products whenever possible

tartan check bias tape

Cotton Bias

neon sewing tape fluorescent

Satin Bias

18mm Bias Binding UK

18mm Bias

25mm Bias Binding UK

25mm Bias

cotton tape

Apron Tape

Cotton Tape Twill Tape

Bunting Tape

Webbing Tape Cotton Twill Tape


british buttons


decorative braid trimmings fabric edgings

Fabric Trims

timeless lace

Lace Guipure

russian braid piping cord

Soutache Cord

president braid

President Braid

Ric Rac Trimming Braid

Ric Rac Braid

Blanket Binding UK

Blanket Binding

darning wool and mending thread

Darning Wool

Sewing Thread Supplies Overlockers Bobbins

Sewing Thread

fabric trimming braid

Daisy Braid

patterned bias binding

Half Metre Fabrics

metallic bias binding UK

Metallic Fabrics



darning supplies

Repair Products

organza fabrics

Organza Fabrics

tulle fabrics


Spider Web Netting UK

Spider Web Mesh

Scissors Tools


Olfa Rotary Cutters Tools and Mats

Olfa Cutters

prym press snap fasteners

Press Studs

zips and garment fasteners


fabric interlining


Lace Edged Fabrics

Lace Trimmed Fabrics

dressmakers pins


hand sewing needles habby supplies


Pin Cushions

Pin Cushions

Fabric Marking Pencils

Marking Pencils

 tailors chalk

Tailors Chalks

 tape measures

Tape Measures

 tracing paper

Tracing Paper

 pattern paper

Pattern Paper

squared paper

Squared Paper

tracing wheels

Tracing Wheels

 tailors shears

Tailors Shears

 sewing gauges rulers

Sewing Gauges

 Beeswax Paraffin Wax


 bag handles

Bag Handles

 Hemming Tapes

Hemming Tape

 elastic thread

Elastic Tapes

linen thread uk

Linen Thread

metallic threads and fabrics

Metallic Thread

 boning tape rigilene

Boning Tape

 petersham tape uk

Petersham Tape

satin ribbon roses

Satin Roses

ribbon bows 

Satin Bows

 blinds and curtains supplies

Cord Pulls

cord for blinds

Cord For Blinds



 berisfords gingham ribbon

Berisfords Ribbon

Berties Bows Ribbons

Bertie's Bows Ribbon

Satin Ribbons

Satin Ribbon

 corset boning rigiband

Corset Tape

 bias binding tape makers

Bias Tape Makers

10mm cotton herringbone webbing tape

10mm Cotton Tape

13mm cotton tape

13mm Cotton Tape

14mm cotton tape UK

14mm Cotton Tape

15mm cotton herringbone tape

15mm Cotton Tape

 19mm cotton tape

19mm Cotton Tape

 20mm Cotton Twill Herringbone Webbing Tape

20mm Cotton Tape

 25mm Cotton Tape UK

25mm Cotton Tape

 Acrylic Webbing Tape UK

Acrylic Webbing

 black lace trims

Black Lace

 cream lace trims

Cream Lace

white patterned lace

White Lace

Cotton Lace UK

Cotton Lace

 needlecraft supplies


 Cake Decorating Baking Tools

Cake Craft



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 British Trimmings Made In The UK. Posted Worldwide
Organza Fabrics UK
Cotton Tape Herringbone Webbing Tape India Tape 
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