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Zips are a fabulous sliding fastener for a wide range of different applications, including clothing, home furnishings, luggage, workwear, sports and camping gear. There are different styles, weights, sizes and lengths of zip. These range from budget to premium, lightweight to heavyweight, nickel to nylon, colour-matched or plain, the main difference being closed end, open end and continuous zip. Closed end zips (including concealed zips) are joined at the bottom and designed with a stopper at the end to prevent the zip from fully opening.  Often used in bridalwear, handmade bags, purses, luggage, cushions, home furnishings, sleeves on leather jackets, denim jeans, skirts, trousers, shirts, and any application where the zip is required to stay fixed on the zipper “track”. Colour-matched auto-lock nylon zips have smooth running, colour matched puller and bottom stop, and are available in a rainbow of colours. Invisible (concealed) zips are often used in elegant clothing, eveningwear, dancewear, bridal garments, and theatrical costumes, where it is necessary for the zip to be completely concealed with just the zipper “pull” showing. Open end zips, including two-way and reversible style, are used on garments that require the two pieces of material being held together by the zip, to come apart easily, including coats, jackets, cardigans, knitwear, and canvas tents. Open end zips open fully so that the two sides of the zip separate from each other. Heavy duty open end zips are extra strong, usually made from nickel, and often used for rucksacks and workwear. Continuous zips/zip chain are supplied in long lengths, with pre-mounted auto lock sliders and are generally used in large scale projects

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