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We stock a varied range of linen sewing thread, plus the ever popular darning mushroom tool, yarn darners, bodkins, darning wool and sewing needles. Linen thread is a strong natural cord for sewing by hand. Supplied in handy 10 metre carded packs (equivalent to 11 yards), versatile linen thread is used for make do and mend projects, stitching sturdy buttonholes and seams, repairing carpets, canvas tents, saddlery, shoe buckles, and upholstery. Other uses include decorative stitching, embroidery, musical instruments, model-making, book binding, basket weaving and making delicate lace. This superb yarn thread will usually fit through the eye of a size 14/18 darning needle (sold separately). Linen thread is made from the flax plant, Linum Usitatissimum and is the strongest natural fibre used for thread. Linen thread has been used in needlecrafts for thousands of years and was once widely used in place of cotton thread. Our linen thread brands include SP Threads, Stancraft and Lincatex. Lincatex and Stancraft linen thread is manufactured in the UK and Lincatex is also a family run business. Why not put together a useful gift for someone special, with some of our linen thread, darning wool, sewing needles and a darning mushroom? To view our other sewing thread, please click here. For sewing needles, click on this link

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