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There are two types of tracing wheels available to dressmakers, one with a toothed/serrated (spiked) metal edge, and one with a smooth edge, like a flat round disc. In addition to this, double tracing wheels have two serrated wheels and allow sewing/seam lines and cutting edges to be marked at the same time and are particularly useful for marking decorative stitching work. It is advisable to use a firm padded surface, such as a cutting mat, beneath your fabric, to avoid damage to furniture.  The choice is yours - a serrated edge wheel is more popular than a smooth edge because it will make dotted marks on your fabric that are usually easier to remove. Smooth edge tracing wheels will make a solid line on your fabric when used with tracing paper.  Smooth edge wheels are best for delicate fabrics that snag easily, and serrated edge wheels are suited to closely woven materials. We sell a comprehensive range of tracing wheels and the Prym premium quality tracing wheel has a comfortable, smooth wood handle, and serrated edge

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