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Satin blanket binding ribbon is perfect for repairing worn and frayed blanket edges or adding a smooth, professional finished edge to patchwork quilts and baby pram rugs. The fabric trim will add colour and impact to your design project. We sell gorgeous satin blanket binding in several different colours, including baby pink, ivory cream, white, baby blue, peach, lemon yellow and orange, plus woven herringbone webbing tape in a wide range of fabulous colours for horse turn-out rugs and blankets. Choose a colour that best compliments your project. We stock both pre-folded 36mm satin blanket binding and 72mm unfolded satin ribbon in various fabulous colours and ours is one of the few satin trimmings that is still manufactured in Great Britain. Please bear in mind that it is always very difficult to reproduce shade colours exactly on computer screens/mobile phones and we have tried to make the image colour as near as possible to the actual colour of the ribbon. However, we cannot guarantee this will be an exact colour match. The appearance of the listing photo sample will vary depending on the screen setting/resolution of your computer screen/mobile phone. Please note that all cut to order ribbon, blanket binding and trimmings are not returnable and are excluded from our returns policy. This product may require ironing prior to use due to creasing from storage time. This versatile fabric ribbon trimming is also used to create edges around household linens, bibs, placemats, quilts and home furnishings, for seam binding, dressmaking and applique craft projects. Soft to the touch, perfect for adding a new luxurious edging trim to make do and mend projects.





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Satin blanket binding is often machine-stitched onto the blanket using a decorative, blanket stitch (if your machine has one), zigzag stitch (2.5 stitch length and 3.5 width), or straight stitch setting. It is advisable to test first on a sample (quilted) fabric scrap to make sure that you are completely happy with the length/width of the stitching before stitching the "real thing". A "walking foot" may help to achieve a good result when machining. Hand sewing may result in a "puckered" finish. Generally, clear (invisible), or matching colour thread is used. Blanket binding is usually applied at the head and foot of the flat piece of fabric, but it can be first securely pinned, using fine dressmakers pins applied perpendicular to the edge of the binding (to prevent puckering), then stitched all the way around. Pre-folded satin blanket binding is often supplied with the fold slightly off centre and it is the "shorter" side of the ribbon that you will need to keep on top as you machine stitch the blanket.  Stitch slowly to sew a straight line and catch the top and bottom edges of the blanket when you stitch… If the bulk of the quilt/blanket causes the binding ribbon to pucker, or the stitching is inconsistent, you will need to loosen the upper and lower thread tension to reduce puckering. You will need to create neat, mitred corners on the blanket and backstitch the mitred pleats into place…

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