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Circular knitting needles aren't actually circular, but consist of a long see-through plastic cord with two short needles attached at either end. The actual needles may be made from metal or plastic. Because each end of the circular pin has a pointed needle, the knitter is not required to stop at the end of a row and turn work around to knit on the reverse side. You can simply join the ends and keep on knitting until the garment is completed, or to re-join yarn.  Using circular needles means that the knitter does not need to turn work around because the knitting remains continuous. Also, it is not necessary to alternate knit and purl rows in order to create “stockinette” stitch. Circular pins are often used for fair isle and Icelandic style knitting projects. When using this type of needle, the bulk of the weight of your knitting rests on the plastic cord and the small needle at the end of each cord holds a small proportion of the stitches being worked, thus reducing the stress on your hands and wrists. This means that working with lightweight circular pins is kinder to arthritic fingers. We stock a wide range of circular knitting needles to suit most woolly projects. Browse our varied range of beautiful yarn by clicking here

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Please note: The Prym Whitecroft circular knitting pins may be supplied in a differently styled protective wallet to the illustrated stock photo, but the the enclosed product is exactly the same

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