Our versatile cotton twill webbing tape (India tape) is a popular choice for making flag bunting and flag pennants, apron and pinafore strings, chair cushion/quilt cover ties, casings, crafts, dressmaking, seam binding, table runners, table mats, and lightweight shopping bag handles. You have a choice of different widths and the tape is sold by the reel, or in cut to order lengths. The smallest size, 6mm, is often used to make mitten strings. On this page the tape is mostly shown in black, but it is also available in a wide range of colours/widths and you can view our coloured webbing tape by clicking here. We stock woven herringbone pattern webbing tape, which is a thicker gauge, for bag handles, aprons, creating fabric loops on dressmaking projects, boning channels on garments and to strengthen corset waistlines/seams


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Because our narrow fabrics are obtained from a wide range of suppliers, the actual size, shape and shade of each different reel may vary, due to different manufacturing methods and this is beyond our control. Please bear in mind that meterages are guides and not precise units. Slight creasing on the reel may occur, due to suppliers storage time and the distance the cotton has travelled before it reaches us. Any creasing should disappear when gently pressed out with your iron set on a medium temperature. If you are purchasing more than one, cut to order length of tape, we will supply a continuous length of fabric whenever possible. Reels of tape may be pinned to the reel, or joined in places by the manufacturer due to the large quantity of tape on the reel

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